100th Anniversary Suburban


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Las Vegas 2011

On November 1st, General Motors Chevrolet Division unveiled the fully custom painted Chevrolet Suburban at the worlds largest car show: SEMA in Las Vegas.  The vehicle represents 100 years of Chevrolet history, depicted in airbrushed scenes by Mickey Harris. 

Mountain Muscle Cars received the vehicle from Chevrolet’s representative Scott Settlemire over the summer, and work began on the truck shortly after it’s arrival.  Completely dismantled by our shop, the prep work begins with carefully wet sanding all the panels, and then re-assembling the vehicle for the airbrushing artwork.  Maurice Rogers, the lead custom painter at Mountain Muscle Cars is very careful to remove any surface contaminants prior to the artwork being applied.  Once the artwork is completed, the vehicle is once again disassembled for the finishing process, which includes several coats of a very expensive specialized clear, followed by more wet sanding between coats.

The final assembly of the vehicle is where the most time consuming element of the process is realized.  Everything must fit correctly, which includes numerous fine adjustments.  Then....the process of cutting and buffing the clearcoat begins.  This is the most dangerous time of the entire vehicles process.  If we “cut” through the clearcoat while buffing out the vehicle, the ENTIRE process has to start over!

When Scott Settlemire, the Manager of Specialty Vehicles and Special Events for Chevrolet was asked about the Suburban, he replied, “artist Mickey Harris and Mountain Muscle Cars owner Greg Fodness simply stunned us with the American Pride Camaro - therefore, we knew that there was only one place to go when we wanted to create something to celebrate the Chevrolet Centennial - and we are once again delighted at the result.   I was confident that Mountain Muscle Cars would manage the project and give the attention to detail in both the prep work and the final finish necessary to showcase this keystone representative of our last 100 years.     For that, we're extremely grateful for the talent exhibited by the entire crew at Mountain Muscle Cars."

I would like to thank General Motors and all those at GM for having the confidence in my shop to produce such high visibility show vehicles.  It is a pleasure to work with the professional folks at GM, along with their contractors that make these projects possible.

Greg Fodness

Owner-Mountain Muscle Cars


Celebrating 100 years of Chevrolet History

Mountain Muscle Cars Debuts at SEMA

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