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This car is the brainchild of GM’s Scott Settlemire.  His envisioned a Camaro that told a story of America, it’s struggles for freedom, both home and abroad.  The tribute included scenes of wars fought throughout history, along with iconic scenes of peacetime jubilation and those who were directly and indirectly affected by conflict.

The world famous airbrush artist Mickey Harris was chosen by Scott to paint the indelible scenes depicted.  To read more and see video’s, Click Here

911 First Responder Tribute Truck

Commissioned by General Motors, this truck depicts scenes of that horrific day in 2001, followed by the clean-up, memorials and the rebuilding of America.  Completely created at Mountain Muscle Cars and airbrushed by Mickey Harris, the vehicle has such features as the bed cover raising to view the 443 names of the first responders lost on 9/11, and the hood opening in reverse to show the 5 Presidents who represent the spirits of patriotism that were awakened on that day.